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Runner’s Honor
A novel of courage and coming of age

Duty to country or duty to self? It is 1967 and we are at war in Vietnam. The young men of Barrel, Illinois have served with pride in every prior war but times have changed. Danny O'Neal, star cross country runner of the Barrel High School Hawks, will soon face the decision of whether to serve as his brother did.
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Coach Frank Dillon is intent on rescuing the Hawks from the prospect of war. He makes a deal where his team receives college athletic scholarships, and the student deferments that will save them from the draft, if the Hawks win the state cross country championship. Runner's Honor is the story of Danny's coming of age, leading his team through the tortuous training that might bring them the state championship and their scholarships, while learning for himself where his duty lies. Anyone who has admired those who unselfishly serve while hoping that there would be a better way will enjoy Runner's Honor. Anyone who has jogged a mile and imagined winning Olympic Gold will cheer for Danny and his teammates.

Mark J. KushnerMark J. Kushner
About the Author
As a professor at the University of Michigan, Mark J. Kushner is an internationally renown researcher and educator. A life-long runner, he first enjoyed the camaraderie of cross country runners scaling the hills of Griffith Park near his hometown of Burbank, California. He was inspired by his own high school teammates and coach. If not pursuing his photography, you'll find Mark running on the county roads north of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Runner's Honor is his first novel. You can reach Mark at mjkushner@hotmail.com.
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